Meet the Visionaries: PRESS SHOWCASES at WUF Basel 2024

This June, WUF Basel takes center stage in the art world, not merely as an event but as a cultural phenomenon that reshapes how we perceive and interact with contemporary art. Produced by Valuart and curated alongside partners including Fakewhale and Foundry Dubai, the press showcases are a testament to the synergy between visionary creativity and pioneering technology.

WUF is transforming the traditional exhibition framework with its Press Showcase format, a unique approach tailored to elevate profiles from the underground, both established and emerging, to the limelight of contemporary culture.

It is designed to capture and retain the interest of the press and art critics by featuring multiple profiles and their projects in concise segments; each offering an intense, focused exposure allowing journalists to quickly and effectively absorb the critical elements of each project.

The WUF Press Showcase strategically spotlights visionary profiles, integrating interactive and media-rich settings to amplify their impact within the contemporary art landscape.


Diving deeper into an overview of the WUF Basel Press Showcase, we unveil the featured profiles. These profiles, each distinct in their creative expression, will be spotlighted in a series of solo showcases followed by a group showcase curated by Fakewhale titled REFLECTIONS.

PRESS Showcases:

laLettura: laLettura, Corriere della Sera’s cultural supplement will showcase a curated selection of their covers over the years.

Jesse Draxler: Jesse Draxler crafts compelling monochrome visions that dissect human perception through collage and painting.

Max Papeschi: Max Papeschi creates digitally manipulated art that satirizes modern society with piercing insight.

Leander Herzog: Leander Herzog develops immersive digital interfaces that challenge our interactions with technology and space.

Ana Maria Caballero: Ana Maria Caballero exposes the raw truths of motherhood and societal rituals through her multidisciplinary art and poetry.

P1xelfool: P1xelfool, a Brazilian artist, delves into aesthetic experiences within computer art, pushing the boundaries of digital expression.

Joe Pease: Joe Pease captures the absurd and familiar aspects of the human condition through his unique, self-taught artistic lens.

Andrea Bonaceto: Andrea Bonaceto explores the intersections of visual art, poetry, and technology in his innovative Italian art practice.

Fabio Giampietro: Fabio Giampietro employs a unique painting technique to create intense, color-subtracted figurative works.

Nazareno Biondo: Nazareno Biondo crafts profound marble sculptures that encourage introspection and critique of modern life.

Skygolpe: Skygolpe integrates digital and physical art elements in groundbreaking projects that challenge the conventions of digital and NFT art.

Mino Caggiula: Mino Caggiula brings architectural precision to his art, informed by his deep roots in Swiss construction and design.

Paul Sears: Paul Sears reflects on life’s extensive palette through his eclectic experiences, from reading to global travel.

Gammatrace: Gammatrace blends the heavy and dark facets of technology with the essence of human existence in his digital art.

Fosco Valentini: Fosco Valentini intertwines painting and conceptual art, drawing from his rich interactions with Italy’s vibrant cultural scene.

Woc: Woc recontextualizes internet imagery to explore its symbolic and aesthetic impact in the digital age.

Collective showcase “REFLECTIONS” curated by Fakewhale

Léo Fourdrinier: Leo Fourdrinier’s work in sculptural innovation redefines three-dimensional art, pushing the limits of form and material.

Nicolás Lamas: Investigating the complex relationships between objects, Nicolas Lamas’ installations ask viewers to reconsider the interaction between their environment and the material world.

Mit Borras: Merging digital with the tangible, Mit Borras creates hybrid artworks that explore the interplay between virtual realities and physical experiences.

Christian Holze: Bridging the gap between technology and traditional art, Christian Holze experiments with how digital tools can expand artistic expression.

Huber Huber: The duo Huber Huber creates provocative installations that delve into complex social and environmental issues.

Manor Grünewald: Manor Grünewald invites viewers to rethink traditional space and texture through his innovative abstract art.

Julien Quentel: Julien Quentel reflects on cultural and historical narratives through his art, exploring the stories that shape our world.

Erris Huigens: Erris Huigens crafts visually striking works that explore architectural symmetry and urban aesthetics with a graphic flair.

Lolo y Sosaku: Lolo y Sosaku innovate with kinetic sculptures that resonate with the dynamics of sound and movement, fostering interactive experiences.

Hanna Antonsson: Hanna Antonsson captures the evolving relationship between humanity and nature through themes of natural transformation.

Lea de Cacqueray: Lea de Cacqueray delves into memory and history, layering personal and collective experiences in her artworks.

Alice Gong Xiaowen: Alice Gong Xiaowen articulates complex emotional narratives through her poignant visual language and delicate artistic forms.

Emmanuel Van der Auwera: Whether through filmmaking, VideoSculpture, theatre, printmaking, or other media, Emmanuel Van der Auwera takes us straight to the core of the image, questioning our visual literacy.

A one-of-a-kind Opportunity for Journalists

WUF is a collaborative media that connects premier media outlets with authentic creative discovery and understanding.

It’s an opportunity to witness firsthand the creative processes that drive these creatives and the impact of their work on our understanding of art and technology.

We invite you to join this transformative experience and engage with the art and ideas redefining the next wave of artistic innovation.

Invitations are limited. RSVP now to secure your spot!

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