WOC, also known as Flavio Rossi, is an Italian visual artist born in Turin in 1995. His work focuses on exploring the different forms and symbolic values of images in the contemporary era, often reworking and recontextualizing visual content from the internet. WOC graduated from the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Turin in 2018 and has collaborated with notable brands and artists such as Off-White™, Universal Music, Sony Music, Adidas, and Nike. He has also co-founded the fashion brand Italia90.

WOC’s notable exhibitions include “Nessuno è solo” at Noire Gallery in Turin (2021), “SOCIAL BOOM” at Noire Gallery (2020), and “L’ultimo amore” at in Brescia (2020). His art often critiques contemporary communication and the rapid dissemination of information on the internet.


Nationality: Italian


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